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Barkbaa Is Born is a 2022 Novel written by John Ashu and illustrated by Simon Hall.


Barkbaa was one of the experiments created by Dr. Moreau with the Vivisection of a Dog and a Sheep. He lived on Dr. Moreau's secret Island but while Dr. Moreau was busy with his human-like beasts, he was exposed by an unknown spy, arrested for illegal experimenting causing him to be removed from the Island by authorities and Barkbaa to be taken away from him and sent to the ACS (Animal Capturing Shelter) due to one of the police officers mistaking him for an actual Dog. Barkbaa was about to "end it all" but his luck change when Henter Sheldon, the farmer who lives in a farn, and Linda Sheldon, the Daughter of Henter, bought him for 3 pounds and took him to the farm where he met Paul and his sheep friends, Ashlie, Rocko, Wall, Rocky, Poppy, Neato, Baby and Bully.

This story was actually told by an elderly Barkbaa to his grandchildren.