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You've decided the continuing an article or series is the way to go? It's a good thing you already read our Tutorial.

Other Places to Look

Which answers your question?

Hi. This area of the wiki is meant to get you up to speed at adding to series or books. Our Tutorial covers editing these pages, but where do you go next?

Right here. This page covers places that should be monitored for little fixes, articles up for adoption, and a lot more. First up is inspiration from our best ideas and articles to date.


If you looked at the New book help page, you know where are inspiration comes from. Everywhere, really. And this is how we show it. "Continue" applies to published ideas, so this is the place about both. 

We work to create epic shows. And then we decided that all that was well and good, but made a bunch more stand alone articles for your enjoyment. And we're completely flexible enough to have your input on our ideas and series. So after you view our current articles, why not add your own sequals?

But before you go, take a look at some of the nearly completed ideas. (below)

How to help out

We understand that some users may wish to add onto other users' pages. While we support the help, please ask for permission from the author or leave the suggestion in the comments below the article. Many of the articles are held dearly to the authors, and generally dislike help without being asked first.

Beyond that, there are pages of community tasks you may wish to look at (below).

The Rest

If you want to look for pages needing help for yourself, here are links to a random page, and all pages. Those should help you on your way.

Thank you for reading all the way here. We hope you received inspiration and are rushing off to make an article. Looking for more information on you user account? That can be found here. Just follow the link!