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Team Best Skill

  • File:Flag of United States.pngAdrian Rockwell (Age: 12-17, CV: Takako Honda and Cynthia Cranz) - the main protagonist of the series. a 6th grader from Los Angeles and the younger brother of a laser tag prodigy who went by the stagename of Zeo. a few weeks ago, his older brother went missing. he uses his brother's rifle and set of armor, the flamemouth and the scorchsuit.
  • File:Flag of Russia.pngMiron Morozov (Age: 12-17, CV: Rica Matsumoto and Jerry Jewell) - a laser tag player who in spite of his shy nature, easily befirended Adrian. he uses the sparkshooter and the ?
  • File:Flag of Brazil.pngCristiano Lobo (Age: 13-18, CV: Mokoto Kumai and Brad Jackson) - a laser tag player who seeks to prove that laser tag matches can be won by simpler strategies alongside smarter ones. he uses the ? and the avalanche armor.
  • File:Flag of Nigeria.pngHaruna Falade (Age: 12-17, CV: ? and Chris Patton) - a laser tag expert who gives strategies for his teammates.
  • File:Flag of India.pngKiran Kumar (Age: 11-16, CV: ? and Hilary Haag) - a fan of laser tag who give moral support for her teammates.
  • File:Flag of United States.png? (Age: 31-36, CV: Takehito Koyasu and Sean Schemmel) - a major manager of the laser tag tournaments who takes it upon himself to be the manager of Team Best Skill. in reality, he is the main antagonist of the series.

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