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Summary (Book Version)

'The Most Uplifting and Thrilling Adventure of a Lifetime!'

Based on the 2017 film,'Skye's Adventures On The Orient Express' follows the story of two young orphans,Bill & Skye,going on a train ride with the Orient Express.After Skye meets with Mary on the train station,the two young friends are going to visit the Belgian Detective,Poirot and the rest of the passengers inside of the train.When Skye gets murdered and kidnapped by Edward,Mary was the only passenger to revive her partner; if she doesn't revive her on time,he comes back for revenge.


Character Name Description
Skye She is a young orphan pup from an orphan home.Now with her interest,Bill,the two orphans are ready for their trip of their lives with the Orient Express.When Skye gets murdered,Bill finds out who is the gangster.Mary was the passenger to revive her daughter or Edward comes back for revenge.
Bill Bill is a turquoise dinosaur with blue eyes.He first met with the young orphan pup,Skye.When Bill befriends her,the two are ready for their train ride of their lives.When Bill sees that Skye gets murdered,he finds out who is the real gangster in train and it was Edward.

Skye's known passenger,Mary,is going to revive Bill's friend or Edward gets back for revenge.

Mary Mary is Skye's love interest and romantic partner.She first met with Skye at the Orient Express train station.The two get their friendship feelings as they embraced.As Mary gets shocked,her daughter gets murdered inside of the train.She was the only one to revive her or Edward gets back for revenge.Mary reunites with Skye as their friendship gets more romantic.
Rudolph The Count (Rudolph) is Helena's husband and Skye's known passenger.
Helena The Countess (Helena) is the sister of Sonia's and Skye's known passenger.
Edward Edward is Bill and Skye's known rival & gangster.He is the only passenger to murder and kidnap Mary's known passenger (Skye).
Hector Edward's personal secretary and Skye's known passenger.
Pierre The conductor of the train.
Mrs. Hubbard The mother of Sonia Armstrong and Skye's known passenger.
Colonel Arbuthnot Bill and Skye's father,her known passenger and Mary's love interest.
Poirot Belgian detective who befriends Bill and Skye.