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The Berenstain Bears: Secret Agents is a children's spy humorous graphic novel series, written and illustrated by Mike Berenstain. It serves as an alternate version of The Berenstain Bears, reimagined as secret agents and fighting against many villains.







  1. Operation: Film - The Bear family is similar to other families in several ways. They enjoy certain activities such as fishing, quilting, or simply playing around. But they're also very different, and one reason why is that they live a double life as secret agents. Their code names--as hard as it may be to believe--are 'Papa', 'Mama', 'Brother' and 'Sister'. They moved from Big Bear City to Bear Country after their last successful mission to settle down and live normal lives. But half a year later, they learn that ridiculed criminal mastermind Weasel McGreed is hiding out in Bear Country. And he has an unorthodox plan to premiere a tragedy film in cinemas worldwide causing everyone who watches it to literally cry themselves to death! Now the Bear family must suit up once again for their biggest assignment, which will undoubtedly affect the rest of the world.

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