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The Everest Movie - Official Story Novel is a brand-new book based on the Sony Pictures Animation film The Everest Movie.After,the eight pups along with Apollo,the four cadets and the UglyDolls are going on Rio to make a visit to Blu and his pals to have a HUGE adventure along with Gene and his emoji gang.

Chapter List

  • Chapter 1 - The Epilogue
  • Chapter 2 - Everest and her pals at the Park
  • Chapter 3 - Dancing Moves Challenge with Gale and her piggies
  • Chapter 4 - Swift and Everest's Meeting at One o'clock
  • Chapter 5 - Rio,Here we Come !
  • Chapter 6 - Adventure Awaits
  • Chapter 7 - The Vacation
  • Chapter 8 - DJ Rubble's Party (Final Chapter)