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The Founding Of Metazoa Is a 2021 Novel written by John Ashu and illustrated by Simon Hall.


It was set in a human village in 1566 where wild animals were often hunted by humans for their meat or fur. When Venice Zoa, the animal's ambassador, had enough of this, he decided to save the animals by making a large number of boats and convincing the animals to escape at midnight. At midnight, the animals (except for some who weren't willing to come) sneaked away from the human village, all while taking their children and foods with them (along with the hunting animals that decided to come with them to escape from their abusive owners), and boarded on the boats and left the human village, while the humans were still asleep. When escaping, they went to a nearby island and when they stopped there, they decided to make it their human-free Village. while there, Venice tried his best to run the Village, but there was one animal who hates Venice: Harrington Bat, he has always hated Venice even before the escape so to make sure he was gone for good, Harrington made a lie that Venice convinced the animals to escape just for fame. It went on for 3 days until Venice managed to reveal that it was all a lie, causing the animals to realize that to. They eventually turn against Harrington for lying to them and he was banished. After his banishment, Venice continued to run the Village he passed away from an unknown illness at the age of 97.


  • This Book was popular in Italy due to some of the animals having Italian-like names.